FIBA EuroBasket 2022

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FIBA EuroBasket 2022

Also known in Italy as basketball, Basketball is the third most loved sport by betting enthusiasts. This year Fiba has formalized the calendar with the dates of the Eurobasket 2022, which will see one of the first round groups played at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan. September 1st In Tbilisi, Georgia, we will see the 41 edition of the European Championship take place and we will see Serbia on the field against Bulgaria. Group C will see, besides Italy, also Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Ukraine and Great Britain. The first 4 teams of each Group will access the final phase, which will be played in Berlin from 10 to 18 September, the day in which the two finals and the conquest of the gold medal will be played. But let's see together the Calendar and the complete timetables of Italy at the 2022 European Championships in Milan.

Calendar and Timetable FIBA EuroBasket 2022:

2 September 2022:
  • 2.15 pm Ukraine-Great Britain
  • 5.00 pm Croatia-Greece
  • 9.00 pm Italy-Estonia
3 September 2022:
  • 2.15 pm Great Britain-Croatia
  • 5.00 pm Estonia-Ukraine
  • 9.00 pm Italy-Greece
5 September 2022:
  • 2.15 pm Croatia-Estonia
  • 5.00 pm Great Britain-Greece
  • 9.00 pm Italy-Ukraine
6 September 2022:
  • 2.15 pm Great Britain-Estonia
  • 5.00 pm Greece-Ukraine
  • 9.00 pm Italy-Croatia
8 September 2022:
  • 2.15 pm Croatia-Ukraine
  • 5.00 pm Estonia-Greece
  • 9.00 pm Italy-Great Britain

The groups of Eurobasket 2022:

  • Group A (Tbilisi, Georgia): Spain, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Belgium, Bulgaria
  • Group B (Cologne, Germany): France, Lithuania, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Group C (Milan): Greece, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Estonia
  • Group D (Prague, Czech Republic): Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Israel, Netherlands

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